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Basket-Rack Assembly— The basket-rack assembly consists of six open-ended transparent tubes, each 77.5 ± 2.5 mm long and having an inside diameter of 20.7 to 23 mm and a wall 1.0 to 2.8 mm thick; the tubes are held in a vertical position by two plates, each 88 to 92 mm in diameter and 5 to 8.5 mm in thickness, with six holes, each 22 to 26 mm in diameter, equidistant from the center of the plate and equally spaced from one another. Attached to the under surface of the lower plate is a woven stainless steel wire cloth, which has a plain square weave with 1.8- to 2.2-mm apertures and with a wire diameter of 0.57 to 0.66 mm. The parts of the apparatus are assembled and rigidly held by means of three bolts passing through the two plates. A suitable means is provided to suspend the basket-rack assembly from the raising and lowering device using a point on its axis.

The design of the basket-rack assembly may be varied somewhat, provided the specifications for the glass tubes and the screen mesh size are maintained. The basket-rack assembly conforms to the dimensions found in Figure 1.
Disks— The use of disks is permitted only where specified or allowed in the monograph. If specified in the individual monograph, each tube is provided with a cylindrical disk 9.5 ± 0.15 mm thick and 20.7 ± 0.15 mm in diameter. The disk is made of a suitable transparent plastic material having a specific gravity of between 1.18 and 1.20. Five parallel 2 ± 0.1-mm holes extend between the ends of the cylinder. One of the holes is centered on the cylindrical axis. The other holes are centered 6 ± 0.2 mm from the axis on imaginary lines perpendicular to the axis and parallel to each other. Four identical trapezoidal-shaped planes are cut into the wall of the cylinder, nearly perpendicular to the ends of the cylinder. The trapezoidal shape is symmetrical; its parallel sides coincide with the ends of the cylinder and are parallel to an imaginary line connecting the centers of two adjacent holes 6 mm from the cylindrical axis. The parallel side of the trapezoid on the bottom of the cylinder has a length of 1.6 ± 0.1 mm, and its bottom edges lie at a depth of 1.5 to 1.8 mm (RB 1-Aug-2008) from the cylinder's circumference. The parallel side of the trapezoid on the top of the cylinder has a length of 9.4 ± 0.2 mm, and its center lies at a depth of 2.6 ± 0.1 mm from the cylinder's circumference. All surfaces of the disk are smooth. If the use of disks is specified in the individual monograph, add a disk to each tube, and operate the apparatus as directed under Procedure. The disks conform to dimensions found in Figure 11.
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Disintegration Basket Di-200

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