Dissolution Testers - Accessories

  • First integrated solution with a user friendly interface to observe & record the drug dissolution & disintegration behaviour in the dissolution vessel
  • Excellent tool to help in evaluation of OOS, OOT, method development & formulation optimization
  • Capacity to record over 1000 hours continuous video
  • Simultaneously capture images at pre-programmed intervals for easy sharing & observation of dissolution / disintegration rate
  • Remote viewing of the dissolution process via browser enabled network PC
  • Adjustable tilt and positioning of cameras at desired height of the vessel
  • BlackOut option with amber color light for light sensitive drugs
  • compatible with most makes of Dissolution Testers across the globe
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10 micron cannula filter (pkt of 100)

SKU 0103A00050
MPN 0401A00006

Basket- 10 mesh

SKU BK-0103A00054
MPN 0103A00054

Basket- 20 mesh

SKU Bk-0103A00055

Electrolab Basket- 100 mesh basket

SKU 0103A00060

SRT08Lx USP Basket- 40 mesh

SKU BK-0103A00057
MPN 0103A00057

100 mesh

SKU 0103A00060

Basket Holder For Di-200 A

SKU 0401A00057
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Basket rod

SKU 0103A00066